September 22, 2019

Wonderful Wall Mounted Candle Holders

In recent years there has been a new trend in home decor that caught on like wildfire. Wall mounted candle holders have become mainstay of many houses. It’s also function as a subtle way to keep air fresh. Although many people choose to place candles on a table, there is another approach that can really enhance look of your room.

You can place wall mounted candle holders that are made of glass in any color or texture of wall. They look great. It’s a good idea to add colorful candles glass holders to excel. If you have a touch of red in room, consider purchasing red candles for holders. This will not only draw eye to wall, but also helps to bring whole look together. White or black candles work very well if you already have bright, bright colors painted on wall.

Wall mounted candle holders during dinner only adds to festive atmosphere. Consider placing in bedroom as well. Bedrooms are often overlooked in favor of other spaces and times can be a little bit boring. Mounted on wall sconces are really ideal for a space like this. They can be placed in a feature wall in bedroom, or even through head.